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System Network Security Solutions

If the Data Center is the heart of IT infrastructure then the Network is the veins and Security is the immune system. Maximizing Network uptime and throughput and protection of corporate data against breaches are the key performance metrics of an enterprise’s network and security systems. Our Network Security practice combines consulting, design, products and services to provide an end-to- end solution that ensures a high-throughput and highly secure infrastructure.

Datacenter Network
  • Converged DC Network
  • Platform Tech Refresh
  • DC Network Migration
  • Software Defined Network
LAN and WAN Solutions
  • Unified 2 tier campus LAN
  • Secured Wireless and BYOD
  • Dynamic Multipoint VPN
Datacenter Network Security
  • Next Gen Perimeter Security
  • DDoS Solution
  • DLP Solution
Identity Access Management
  • Single sign on
  • End Point Security Solutions
Routing and Switching
  • Edge Router
  • Core Router
  • Core/Aggregation Switch
  • Access Switch
Wireless Solutions
  • WAP
  • Wireless Controller
  • NAC
Perimeter Security
  • Net Gen Firewall and IPS
  • APT Appliance/SW
  • DLP Appliance/SW
  • Web Mail Gateway
End Point Security
  • Anti-Virus Malware
  • End Point DLP
  • End Point Encryption